Research Points to Mobile Advertising Opportunities

The latest quarterly research by InMobi points to mobile advertising opportunities for marketers in the Asia Pacific region as media consumption via smartphones continues to grow rapidly.

Here are some of the key findings from the report between July 2010 and October 2010 which includes India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and dozens of other Asian countries:

  • The Asian market grew by 9% in 90 days, just under one billion impressions, driven by huge increases in smartphone impressions (+719 million impressions, 47% growth).
  • iPhone OS and Android gained +9.3 share points from July to October; however, they are still significantly behind the market leading Nokia and Symbian OS, which collectively represent 41.2% of impressions in the region.
  • Nokia devices represent nine of the top 10 handsets, trailing only the Apple iPhone. The iPhone leads all of the Nokia devices by a significant margin, holding 8.2% share.
  • Nokia manufactured devices maintain the majority of impressions in the region (57% share).
  • Contrary to the rest of the Asia market, smartphones did not show significant growth in India. Overall mobile ad impressions outpaced Asia growth at 22%, driven by 26% increase of advanced phone impressions.

Robert Woolfrey, director of brand sales for APAC at InMobi said”Marketers’ mobile advertising opportunities in the region continue to increase rapidly”.

“2010 trends in our network leave no doubt that brands now have a complimentary channel to TV to reach consumers, at scale, with a compelling creative experience. The smartphone revolution in the region will only enhance that trend in 2011,” he added.