Industry analysts predict that 50% of smartphones will be NFC (near-field communication) enabled by 2015. In that same year, it’s anticipated that NFC-facilitated transactions will reach US$74 billion.

Last year 30 million NFC-enabled handsets from leading manufacturers including LG, Nokia, Samsung, and SONY shipped worldwide.

Without a doubt, NFC is gaining traction as a leading technology in mobile payments, ticketing and marketing and the truth is that businesses have only just scratched the surface of how this technology can be used. Finding imaginative ways of engaging consumers whilst they are going about their everyday business outside the home has become a necessity for any agency, brand, retailer or leisure group.

ZipNFC has been created to provide you with innovative NFC-related solutions by supplying NFC-enabled items and a variety of business services, advice and expertise. We have also developed our own cloud-based platform to enable you to manage your NFC activity and dynamically change the call to action generated from a simple tap of a mobile phone on an NFC-enabled item.

The most common way of engaging a mobile phone user today has been to use quick response (QR) codes or augmented reality (AR) approaches. Both QR codes and AR rely upon the consumer to visually align their mobile device with an image or barcode as well as having to preload an application. While QR and AR have opportunities due to the sheer number of smartphones with which they work, NFC tags are breaking new ground – offering an easier approach to bridging the physical and the digital world in a seamless way that provides a rich user experience.

With NFC, consumers merely have to touch an NFC-enabled smartphone to a tagged item that has enough impact to motivate them to do so. Since applications for mobile payments and ticketing are becoming more commonplace, smartphone users will not think twice about touching their phone to NFC enabled items. Through this occurrence, the dream of ubiquitous computing will have arrived.

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