Our consultancy services can help you choose the right technology, save costs, streamline and maximise your profits. With over 30 years experience in the advertising industry, we are ideally placed to assist you. Our consultancy services cover:

  • Strategy
    Ensure your systems and technology are right for your business and for your clients’ requirements. Managing costs in our current economic environment is important and software development as an easy area in which to bring down costs, improve delivery times and provide better quality with the right processes, skills and resources in place.
  • Change Management
    Knowing what to change to improve on where you are now and where you want to be is always difficult. Once a decision has been made, there is the communication aspect and practical requirement of working with your people to enable the change to happen. With many years experience of making evolutionary and revolutionary changes, we can provide invaluable advice and also take an active part in the process.
  • CIO/CTO Services
    We provide CIO/CTO services for your business with up-to-date industry and technical knowledge. Have an experienced CIO/CTO working with your company without the salary.
  • Supplier & System Selection
    Select the appropriate systems and suppliers through an RFP process to implementation. Choose the DSP and AD Exchanges that are right for you. Whatever system you are looking for, using us will save you money, and give you the best possible chance of picking the right system and supplier for your business.
  • Software Development
    Ensure your development process goes smoothly from beginning to end. Identify the right development methodology for your organisation, skills, resources and project types. We scrutinise every aspect of the cycle from structure to processes; methodologies to tools; project management to quality assurance.
  • Product Direction
    Building products can be straight forward, but keeping your business and clients happy with the the turnaround of enhancements for an evolving, developing system can be challenging. We can help in various ways, from building in a framework for managing products to working with your business, technology partners and your clients to determine a product roadmap that everyone can understand and work towards.
  • Analysis
    Build media insights through Business Intelligence and data services for your company or clients.
  • Systems Integration, Media Products and Tools
    Develop the perfect technical and systems strategy to support your media requirements. Our media data expertise covers all media (including TV & digital), systems integration and a range of media products and tools.