Application Development

In-house software can give your business the edge and ensure you stand out for your competitors. Our aim is to prevent you falling into many potential pitfalls for companies whether you are starting out in software development or have a development structure in place.

We can provide either a fully outsourced service covering all aspects of development including product management or we will work with your development groups in any capacity required.

Our services include:

  • Optimising application development
    Ensure your development process goes smoothly from beginning to end and optimise your application development. Identify the right development methodology for your organisation, skills, resources and project types. We scrutinise every aspect of the cycle from structure to processes; methodologies to tools; project management to quality assurance.
  • Application DevelopmentCloud-Based Solutions
    We design, create and manage cloud-based applications, services and platforms for trading, workflow, transactions and analytics. We can assist with the design, creation and management of websites including mobile and tablet optimised, responsive sites.
  • Mobile
    We can assist at all stages of the mobile application development process, from helping to shape and validate a formative idea, all the way through to building and actively selling your application. Working with our partners we develop mobile applications for all major platforms. Our mobile app development programme covers concept exploration, market analysis, project management, integration, testing, distribution and discoverability.
  • Interfaces and platforms
    Create your own API or utilise the industry APIs. Leverage data from social media, adservers or platforms to enrich your own data and business intelligence. Integrate your systems with demand side platforms or real time bidding systems.