Analytic Magic

Maximising analytics can give you a real business edge. Our analytics services and products include:

  • Consulting
    Understand how your sites are being used and how you can improve them based on a set of goals and targets. If you have sites and are struggling to understand how to improve them for any type of response, we can help with bespoke site analysis tools and Google Analytics. It can be much more cost effective to work with a specialist company with a variety of skills rather than have a dedicated set of resources inside your own business.
  • Analytic MagicData
    The key ingredient to analytics is data. All aspects of data can be handled by Analytic Magic – whether that is management, performance, integration or identifying value to the business. Integrating 3rd party data with your own data is such an advantage especially with new offline data being made available all the time. We can provide advice and help you build the right data relationships. With over 30 years’ experience of handling advertising data and the ability to understand all media channels including TV and digital, we can provide maximum insight for your company and your clients.
  • Direct Response
    Use a multi-media approach to make sense of all media channel activity and responses and to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. With our tools you can build your own presentations and dynamically create presentations from your data.
  • Business Leads
    Identify who is interested in your products and offerings and use the information to feed your sales and marketing team.
  • Offline to Online
    Drive your audience online via offline marketing. Conduct analysis of activity and use. Give your campaign flexibility with a dynamically changing URL.
  • Ad Visual
    Identify brands being advertised and ad positioning. View the content of an ad page and the page the ad takes you to.