There is no doubt that after 30 years in the industry, Chris’ insight into the advertising market and agency systems is unmatched. His technical and industry knowledge ensures he understands the value of crafting the right vision instrumental in addressing the convergence of traditional media, Digital and emerging media channels. Clearly his strong technical background is a unique strength that enables Chris to build strategies and plans that turn visions into realities.

Chris has a refreshingly straightforward approach to business. Providing information based on facts and experience is key to building strong, long lasting client partnerships. Chris embodies the definition of partnership. He believes strongly in a collaborative approach and delivers it by making sure he pays attention to and understands a Client’s perspective, needs and concerns throughout the creation process.

Chris has worked with large sets of media data for many years. Data is a crucial element to how well an agency can take advantage of the digital media landscape. Chris’ skills and knowledge can sift through the many options available in today’s market to find the right tools and solutions to unlock the potential of any data source.

It’s exciting to see Chris pursue his career under his own shingle. After years helping build, shape and direct an entire industry, he can focus his talents on addressing individual client issues. His knowledge can help accelerate innovative projects or direct attention to much needed areas for improvements. This is a win-win all around.

While I have only known Chris a short while, there’s no doubt he can help anyone in the advertising industry with his unique blend of business, technical and service skills as well as a strong understanding of traditional and digital media.

Domenic Venuto

I have worked with Chris for over 4 years. He is a pleasure to work with, has great integrity, patience and understanding. His knowledge of media is a huge asset when working on solutions and finding the best way forward. He is able to advise at both strategic and technical levels and I would highly value his input on anything involving media systems.

Nicola Fitzgerald
VivaKi UK

I’ve known Chris for nearly 10 years across a variety of roles. Both his technical and commercial knowledge are comprehensive giving immense confidence in all dealings with him. Thoughtful and incisive, Chris’s relaxed style makes working with him a pleasure and I look forward to a continued relationship with him at Ad World IT.

Richard Metcalfe
Google Enterprise

Chris is one of a handful of people in the advertising business who are familiar with the technical aspects of the many media data sources on which the industry relies. At DDS he partnered with Clearcast to develop an innovative new service for the benefit of the industry and demonstrated his forward thinking, project management and stakeholder management skills to ensure the project was able to get off the ground.

Chris Mundy

They say Marketing is the new Finance, as digital media now allow for precise customer journey tracking and ROI. It’s now more important than ever for media owners and agencies to have efficient billing and reconcilliation systems across media, and with Chris’s extensive experience and track record at leading supplier, DDS, I’d certainly recommend him – and wish him every success with AdWorld IT.

Guy Phillipson