About Ad World IT

A new vision in the provision of technology services to the advertising industry

Who’s behind Ad World IT?

Chris HumphriesChris Humphries
Founder & Managing Director

Chris has over 30 years experience in the advertising, media and marketing communications industry around the world. He has managed at a senior level including a period on the board of directors for the leading provider of agency systems, namely Donovan Data Systems. With experience of running all aspects of a computer service company, including development, operations and client service in many countries, Chris is uniquely positioned to assist advertising and media businesses develop a technical strategy to meet their current and future needs.

Having transitioned technology businesses through various technologies, structural and process changes, Chris’ experience enables him to assist business in matching their vision and goals with a suitable IT solution, whether built in-house or through the use of a service company.

Chris has a proven track record, delivering tangible results in revenue increase, business growth and productivity improvement.

The mission of Ad World IT

Ad World IT will work as a valued partner to the media and advertising industry. We will provide a professional service at all times, but also bring a human side to technology so you can embrace the benefits whether technically adept or not.

The digital age has definitely arrived, but it is changing rapidly and its relationship with traditional media is evolving all the time. Using our wealth of knowledge across all aspects of media and all the media channels including TV and digital, our aim is to provide solutions so that you leverage the maximum benefit out of technology for your clients and therefore your business.

To achieve the best possible solutions and make use of a wide range of technology, we will partner with relevant technology and service companies while continuing to provide a fully managed service taking complete responsibility for delivery.


Experience has shown that it is best to work with the most relevant technology for your business requirements, budget and technical partners. Having worked across core development platforms such as Microsoft and Java-based frameworks, as well as industry standard databases, we are technology neutral. We have the ability to work in the technology of your choice based on a sensible technical direction for your business designed by us. This includes all of the mobile platforms available today and the HTML5 browser-based approach.